Last week we had shared a story about how Delhiites came forward with RJ Naved to help an auto-driver who had returned a bag worth Rs 8 lakhs, even though he was in a debt of Rs 70,000 and was unable to pay it since last few years.

This time we have a similar heartwarming story from Mumbai where Sucharita Tyagi, a popular Mumbai-based radio jockey working at Radio City has shared the story of a visually-impaired woman who was disowned by her family just because she wanted to continue her studies but here parents wanted to marry her off.

Here is the full series of tweets where Sucharita has mentioned the details of the heartwarming gesture of people along with the story of the girl Nikita Shukla:


This is really heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time, for someone who is physically challenged his/her parents are the biggest support but disowning your child just because she expressed her desire to study further is really a bad idea.

Amidst the sea of negativity that we are surrounded with the support that people have shown for her is really like a breeze of fresh air and sets an example for everyone. We wish Nikita all the success for her future aspects and hope that her family would realise the mistake that they have committed on their part.

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