The brutalisation of women isn’t something that we haven’t come across. Rather it’s become an everyday story. A story that a woman is asked to keep it to herself because it’s not wrong in the first place. A story that she is to keep quiet with, a story that she can’t tell people out loud and a story that she is to live with just because she’s a mere woman.

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A recent incident came to light wherein a WhatsApp group chat of students from a reputed IB school in Mumbai is making headlines. Eight Mumbai schoolchildren have been suspended for talking about “raping” their fellow female classmates. As per reports, the boys, all about 13 or 14-year-olds, addressed the girls as “trash”. Apart from that, they even used words such as “banging”, as well as homophobic slurs.

The chat transcripts from the group show how the students were objectifying girls at such a small age. Consider, for example, the boys’ use of the word “gang bang” in a conversation about one of their female classmates. Or this line: “I’ll destroy that little b***h.”

Or this: “Didn’t rape [xxx].”

The matter came up when parents of two girls complained to the school administration after coming across the conversations when their daughters were too afraid to go to school.

People commented on twitter and stood up against the issue.

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“What’s going on in our society!” wrote actor Ronit Roy. “As a father, I’m scared for both my son and daughter!”
“This is terrible news,” said another user.
“This is where the problem of violence against women has to be nipped.”

The condition of women in our country is so bad that if a woman even gathers the courage to stand up, she’s asked to take a walk of shame for the same. The Indian Feed urges the school authorities to make strict rules and regulations for such groups and unacceptable behaviour. We request the Indian officials and authorities to make a necessary law that covers the punishment and counselling of such acts under the same. But most importantly, educated yourself, educate others and stand up for yourself and others. Start right.

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