While it’s so distressful to go on reading about communal conflicts, what surprises the minds is when such acts are committed.

Moin Menon is a 43 year old Muslim- individual who has undertaken the responsibility to renovate a 500-year-old Hanuman temple (Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman) in Hanuman Gali of Mirzapur area of the walled city of Ahmedabad.


“I have grown up seeing the temple in its vibrant glory. I offer namaz five times a day but as I passed by the temple, its dilapidated condition pained me. I contacted the priest, Rajesh Bhatt, and offered to renovate it. He happily agreed,” said Memon.
Rajesh Bhatt is a priest who has offered his prayers for over 30 years in the temple and believes that this act is a sign of communal harmony and brotherhood for the entire country.


Vrajesh Mehta, the priest of the adjoining ‘Shri Eklingji Mahadev’ temple, says ‘Hanuman Dada’ must have inspired Memon to renovate the temple without worrying about the money.

He has specifically taken the charge of all the expenses that will be incurred in the renovation of the temple, he has called for special saffron tiles from Italy for the temple’s facade which are definitely going to cost a lot but it’s his faith and belief that satisfies him and his soul, seeing the temple having crowd again with many worshippers will surely going to be a big reward and will get him soul-satisfying-blessings.

We hope that more people stand up for such causes and bring the unity in diversity.

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