Ideally, in a diverse country like India, this should be just another story but looking at the amount of hate mongering this incident certainly deserves a coverage.
The story is of Levodra village from the tensed atmosphere of Kashmir where 4 kids used to live with their 40 years old widow mother after they lost their father 4 years ago.

However, worst was yet to come for the little ones as they lost their mother on Sunday. The family is the only Pandit family in the village. What followed next was heart-wrenching, Hundreds of villagers turned up at the funeral of the deceased Baby Koul and the atmosphere was full of cries and echoes of the neighbouring women.

Reportedly, when the kid’s father had died the villagers had come forward to arrange a job for their mother and also deposited Rs 55k in the account of the kids.

Source : News18

In a heartwarming gesture, the whole village once again came forward to adopt the orphan girls and take care of their needs.

People are very nice here and they take good care of us. Our neighbours are very good. They helped us when our father died and they are helping us when our mother has died,” said Sushil Koul, son of Baby Koul to NDTV.

People are now once again uniting to raise money for the family and are trying to provide their school certificates to the government so that they can find Saroj the elder sister a job to support the family.

The amount of love for each other is so much that even after repeated requests from the family members of the children they are not shifting to Jammu.


We will not go to Jammu. We are feeling comfortable here. Jammu, not at all. We will stay put, no matter if no Pandit is living here, our neighbours are taking good care of us,” Saroj was quoted by NDTV.

Naseema who is a neighbour of the kids is also a foster mother to them as she has not only taken care of them in their childhood but has also breastfed them. After the death of their mother, she is now staying and taking care of the children.

“The villagers have collected four quintals of rice and pledged to crowd-fund the children’s education, household essentials. “We are not rich but will ensure that they don’t suffer. We will pool our money and fulfil their needs. This is our duty,” said neighbour Showkat Ahmad to NEWS18.

Stories like this make us believe humanity is still alive in India and no matter how much hate speeches and messages are spread its humanity which will keep rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

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