Yesterday was a special day for @AbidShamdeen & I. We are very thankful and humbled for all the wishes & support from our family & friends. The struggle of our people brought us together & we will continue on this path together. Thank you for your support everyone!”, announces Nadia Murad, once a sex slave to the Islamic States and now a UN Goodwill Ambassador on her Twitter and Instagram handle.

Nadia Murad was kidnapped by a group of ISIS militants from her village Kocho near Sinjar in Northern Iraq in 2014 when she was 21. Her mother and five of her eight brothers have been killed in a mass genocide. In her autobiography, she presents the naked truth of her life under ISIS’s captivity. She has been raped for uncountable times, beaten, tortured and sold over and over again because this is what ISIS does to every Yazidi woman prisoner, the so-called ‘non-Islamic infidel’ to purify her of her ancestry.


“At some point, there was rape and nothing else. This becomes your normal day. You don’t know who is going to open the door next to attack you, just that it will happen and that tomorrow might be worse,” Murad has written in her book, as Dailymail reported.

Moving on from the horror has never been a cakewalk for the lady. Narrating how she was whipped and raped by six men till she passed out for one of her failed attempts at escape, she says that each time she speaks her story aloud, she relives those scary moments.

One fine day, Nadia managed to jump and surpass the walls that enclosed her and escaped. She has come a long way ever since. She has founded an asylum in Germany for survivors like her. She has turned herself into an activist for every Yazidi woman who’s still a slave to the ISIS. She fights for Justice and seeks prosecution for those inhuman militants. She aims at rebuilding the devastated ‘Sinjar’ which was once her home. Murad was honored by her selection as a UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2017, for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.

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Most beautiful pages of her life are the ones in which her extraordinary love story is engraved. The lady is head over heels in love with Abid Shamdeen, who once worked as an interpreter for the US Army and whom she had met during her days of intense trauma following a daring escape from ISIS captivity at Mosul in Iraq.

“I want to be the last girl in the world with a story like mine,” says Nadia in a voice that can melt hearts made of stones and make them wish the same. However, she has fought, conquered and moved ahead with a crown of victory.

Nadia’s brother Huzni Murad, too has a story of his own where he hires a Hitman and kills his wife, Jilian’s captor to set her free from the grip of ISIS 30 months after her kidnapping.

We were crying and crying, then laughing, then crying. We never thought we would see each other again”, Jilian expressed to The Mirror how she had felt upon hearing her husband’s voice over the call she had made after stealing a phone. That was the moment when all her fears of her husband having been killed in massacres vanished and love found its way to fly.“Dailymail reports.

The couple is soon to tie the knot and undoubtedly, this is the love story we must look up to more than those of film stars or Disney princesses. Truly said, the truest and purest form of love comes without any filters. And to the couple who have battled every possible odd, KUDOS and congratulations!

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