A few days back we had shared a story of 16 dogs being killed in Pune where some of them were burned alive and others were killed by poisoning. Looks like there is no end to animal cruelty soon, from a dog getting raped in Mumbai to a score of dogs getting killed in Pune we have seen it all.

Taking humanity to a new low, a Nagpur man repeatedly kicked a puppy so brutally that its intestines came out. The man 30-year-old Abhishek Ingle, is a resident of Manav Sena Nagar near Seminary Hills in Nagpur.

After killing the puppy the man allegedly also molested a girl named Karnika Pandey.Since the puppy had leg injuries Karnika was taking care of it. The man Abhishek and his family had allegedly raised objections over it.

On Friday evening Pandey was informed by a neighbor about Ingle taking away the puppy in a car with him. As told by Pandey she then approached Ingle’s mother asking for his phone number, to which she refused. Karnika then informed animal activist Aparna Modak about the incident.

Modak told TOI that the activist she sent witnessed Abhishek hitting the puppy. Around 11 pm, the activist Dinesh spotted a man kicking “something” near Vayusena Nagar.

Dinesh said to TOI, “On seeing that the person was repeatedly following the action, I stopped the car and turned back. But the person, who I later identified as Ingle, fled. The object he was kicking was a pup which was dead and lying dismembered“.

After the incident, Karnika approached Ingle who had returned to the society after which an argument broke out between them.Karnika also alleged that Ingle physically abused her.

Karnika then received a call from animal activists about puppy getting tracked and reached on the spot. She was shocked to see the condition of the puppy and approached the Police with the help of animal rights activists.

On Friday, the cops arrested Ingle but he was later released on bail of Rs 15,000 after being charged with cruelty to animals as well as assault.

Police officials have said that further action will be taken against Ingle once they investigate the statements of the eyewitnesses.

Clearly, with every passing day, humans are trying their best to turn into monsters with no respect for other’s lives whether it be a woman or animals.

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