The emergence of social media has made our life much easier than it was ever before. It has emerged as a powerful tool and platform where everyone can put forward their opinions and thoughts.But, everything comes with a price and so does social media. Here comes the concept of “Ad hominem”, it is a logical fallacy in which a person’s arguments are based on attacking the opponent’s character rather than countering with facts and shreds of evidence.

These attacks result in cyber bullying where the person conveniently chooses to hide behind the keyboard and abuse or assassinate the character of the opponent, in case of women it also extends to rape threats and sexual attack threats.
And most of us turn a blind eye to incidents like this and either block the harasser or simply delete our comment or post.

This beautiful raw short film “Naked” features Kalki Koechlin where she portrays a strong character of Sandy, an actress whose “sex video” which was actually a part of her movie gets leaked. A young journalist Ria interviews her and the conversation discusses everything from rape to equation of power between both genders, abusive trolls and everything that is wrong with cyber bullying.

Directed by Rakesh Kumar and perfectly performed by Kalki Koechlin, as Sandy, and Ritabhari Chakraborty, as Ria, Naked also takes a dig at the shallowness of entertainment journalism.

Watch this short film here

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