70 years and still India is fighting for independence against its prejudices and stereotypes. Caste systems were something which was propagated by the ancient Indians and was felt as an integral part of the social system. But in the 21st century, where the Indian satellites are reaching Mars, our nation is yet bounded in shackles of discrimination based on castes, gender, creed, and color. Indian law treats every individual equal irrespective of their specifications, but yet our society seems quite heterogeneous just because of the believes and ideologies followed since ages.


Yesterday, i.e. 21st January, a photograph went viral immediately as it was tweeted by a user, Sanya Dhingra. It was a photograph of a metro in Delhi which depicted a mother sitting on the seat with her child while her nanny/caretaker sat on the floor in spite the metro being empty. As the user tweeted about it, there were in numerous re-tweets giving their varying point of views and illustrations. The only reason which seems the most appealing that the issue of caste and class conflicts are yet so high, she was being forced to sit away from her employer.

The perplexing fact about the entire scenario is that the seat next to photographer was also vacant. Where all the users questioned that why did not the passengers ask her to have a seat, most of them upraised the thought process of the photographer as it was more important for her to capture the moment rather correcting it on the spot. She clicked the picture and thus she knew that what was happening was morally and lawfully incorrect, but yet she chose to remain hidden behind the lens.

The tweet got about 6000 re-tweets and 7000 Favourites as reported by the indiatimes.

Social media today has become an inseparable part of every being’s life. It is a platform which engulfs the entire globe in its fire. A speckle on it and everybody knows about it. But the generation should know to utilize it aptly and make the most out of the technology and its opportunities. In this particular situation, a single tweet was able to gather the attention of about 6000 people as they found it worthy enough to debate. It may also have been possible that this tweet has actually reached to the mother and rest of the people who chose to sit and see the injustice in the metro. If given a thought, social media holds the power to arise the emotions of millions of citizens and bind them together to work against the same cause.

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