Humanity has not died yet. Noida resident Siddharth Mehta proved the fact by returning a wallet to its owner with all the money and documents intact.

24-year-old Gurpreet Singh was traveling on the Delhi Metro, from Central Secretariat to Lajpat Nagar on 15th of March. “It was only when I exited the Lajpat Nagar metro station that I realized my wallet was not in my pocket“, he said to NDTV.

Gurpreet went to customer care after realizing the fact that his wallet was missing and he was told to wait until the time the train reached its final stop at Sarita Vihar. But, unfortunately, the metro officials could not find his wallet.

On 26th of March, after 11 days of the incident, Gurpreet received his wallet in the mail with all contents intact and a letter that reads “I found your wallet on the Delhi Metro and I’m sending you the same. Be careful next time brother,” ending with a smiley. Siddharth Mehta was the person with this kind gesture.

The incident came to light from Gurpreet’s widely shared Facebook post where he was utterly thankful to Siddharth. The post collected many positive comments and now the two are planning to meet.

The gesture by Siddharth is surely a beautiful one and shows there are still good people left!

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