A sting operation by Senior journalist Ajit Anjum of Nirbhaya’s friend, who was with the gangrape victim on the night of the crime claims that he made thousands of money for appearing in interviews.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, the journalist penned how he conducted a sting operation on Nirbhaya’s friend who asked for and accepted money to give an interview at his channel.


Ajit Anjum said, “This incident is from September 2013. The accused in the Nirbhaya rape case were sentenced to death by a fast track court. There was continuous coverage about Nirbhaya gang-rape case on all the channels. At the same time, Nirbhaya’s friend was narrating the story of the heinous incident on some channels.”

“I asked my reporters to bring Nirbhaya’s friend to the studio. After some time, I was told that his friend goes to the studio with his uncle and charges thousands for an interview. I could not believe it at first. It was mad.”

“I was baffled at the fact that the boy, in front of whom his girlfriend was gang-raped, was making ‘deals’ with channels for telling her story. I was constantly watching him on TV. I never saw the pain in his eyes,” he wrote.

The journalist mentioned that he did not expose the sting at that time as he thought the lawyers of the accused would try to take advantage of the same.

In another tweet, he said, “I decided that I would do a sting operation on this friend of Nirbhaya’s and expose him on air. My reporter sat in front of me and talked to the boy’s uncle from his mobile. He demanded Rs one lakh for coming to the studio. Money was given in front of the boy for a studio interview. Everything was recorded. He was then taken to the studio. After ten minutes into the conversation, the boy was asked why does he take money from channels to narrate the story. The boy kept refusing that he takes money to appear for the interviews.”

“Then during the recording, the boy was shown part of his sting on screen. It was then he apologised in front of the cameras,” the journalist tweeted.

Who knew what could be worse than Nirbhaya dying and then her friend participated in an act of shame. Asking for money to narrate a painful story wherein a woman was subjected to an excruciating pain that led her to death isn’t a story. It’s a lesson for all of us to trust the right person, to stand up for the right, to change, to make a move towards revolution and make sure there is no other Nirbhaya in the future. We, at The Indian Feed urge all of you to support one another, to beware, to act right and most importantly, to behave right.

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