It indeed makes us doubt our belief whether our education system is really progressing or is it just another myth we continue to believe in?

It all came to square 1 when a teacher of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Raipur taught something in a class of boys and girls which was out of practical understanding and regressive in nature.  Snehlata Shankhwar taught the students that Nirbhaya-like rape could happen to any girl who wears ‘revealing’ clothes. She firmly believes that those who don’t possess good-looks often expose their bodies apparently to ‘invite-such-incidents’.


Going by her words, “Girls expose their body only when they don’t have beautiful faces. Girls have become so shameless, why did Nirbhaya go out so late at night with a boy who wasn’t her husband? It’s difficult to understand why an issue was made of this. Such incidents happen with girls in remote areas frequently. Nirbhaya’s mother shouldn’t have allowed her go out so late at night.”
This was one counselling session where first students wrote an anonymous letter to the principal and because the principal thought that it is a prank and it is not possible, the letter was ignored.


However, to bring the light upon this issue, students of 9th and 11th standard from the same school recorded the audio clippings and those clippings were put-forward by the parents of those students in front of the teacher. Both the parents and the children were uncomfortable because of such sessions. The principal could not believe that such an incident can take place under his nose and it has been put forward by the groups to arrest the teacher for imparting such opinions.


In relation to it, students were even asked not to discuss it outside the class.

According to the parents, the girls were getting uncomfortable with the teacher’s lectures. “Ladki dikha rahi hai matlab ladke samajhte hai ki wo chah rahi hai, iski icha hai, iska chalchalan kharab hai (When a girl exposes her body, boys think the girl is available and she wants it as she is characterless),” she allegedly taught. 

The question is, what are we really focusing on? Practicality? Modernity? Ancient-thought? Dignity? Life or what out of this world. Eventually, these so called ‘Modern-People’ are the ones who have the most regressive and undermining thoughts. It is a question to be put up – Are we really giving our children good directions? Are we sure that we are observing our environment and doing the right thing or is it like going with the flow?

Because, only the dead go with the flow. Think Upon It. Change the way you look at things and try to make it better, because that is the least you can do for yourself.

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