A class 10 student who passed away in the middle of his exams, scored 100 in English in his CBSE results.

As per reports, Mamatha Sridhar (49), mother of 16-year-old Vinayak said, “If he was alive today, you would be interviewing him, not us… he would have scored equally well in the other two papers he never got a chance to sit for.”

Vinayak, who suffered from muscular dystrophy, was a student of Noida’s Amity International School and scored 100 in English, 97 in Home Science and 96 in Sanskrit. On Monday when the results came out, his mother started getting WhatsApp messages about his “stellar score”.

Vinayak was two years old when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, post which he couldn’t stand or sit without any physical support. He was wheelchair bound by the age of seven and his parents had to feed him since he was thirteen.

“His classmates were most helpful as they would open his tiffin box, pour water in the bottle cap as that’s all he could hold. A lot of them called us after they found out about his result,” said Mamatha. “Vinayak was a good quizzer, loved mythology and history. He was excited about his social studies exam,” his mother added.

Speaking about his love for Sanskrit and the fact that he spoke to his teacher in the same language, she also mentioned that his sister was a CBSE topper who is currently in the US for higher studies. Vinayak was following her steps too, and he did in a way, she said.

On March 26, while his father was bathing him, Vinayak lost his consciousness. He woke up that day and was told his parents that he had to study for his two remaining board exams.
“He had breakfast, and when my husband was bathing him, he lost consciousness,” said Mamatha.

Unfortunately, by the time they reached the hospital, Vinayak had died due to cardiac arrest. The Indian Feeds prays that Vinayak’s soul rests in peace. He was indeed a bright and inspiring child.

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