A Genpact India senior executive allegedly killed himself at his home in Noida on Tuesday after being accused of sexual harassment at the workplace and being suspended from his job for the same. However, the suicide note by the 35-Year-old man, Swaroop Raj, stating to his wife mentioned that the allegations were untrue. 

As per reports, the police discovered his body around 11:30 pm and a purported suicide note explained why he took the drastic step.
He and Kriti married two years ago and worked in the same company itself. Swaroop, who was from Ernakulam, Kerala, joined Genpact in 2007 and used to stay at Noida’s Paramount Society with his wife.

“The company in his suspension letter said he would be barred from participating in any official work until the investigation against him was completed. In his note, the man denied all allegations and wrote that even if he is proven innocent, his reputation has been tarnished,” said Munish Chauhan, station house officer, Surajpur police station.

Despite the allegations made against him at the office, the victim’s family had made no complaints at the police station.

A spokesperson for Genpact confirmed that executive was on suspension. “It is with deep sorrow that we confirm the news of an employee’s untimely death. Our heart goes out to his family at this tragic time. We had received a complaint against him and had put him on temporary suspension pending the outcome of the investigation,” a spokesperson said.

According to a report, the suspension letter issued to Swaroop read, “We are in receipt of an alleged complaint of sexual harassment against you from two female employees. You are hereby suspended pending investigation while the Company investigates the said matter.
During the said period you will not be required to report for duty and not expected to work from home. However, you cannot join any other employment all other terms of employment shall continue to strictly apply to you.”

Because of the psychological pressure he was in after the company asked him to not work from the office or work from home, Swaroop, who was promoted to the senior position recently, mentioned that even if he comes out clean, everyone will not look at him in the same way.

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