While common people are falling for fake news every day and lynching people on basis of Whatsapp messages, it’s the job of reputed media houses to set an example and bring back the credibility of the media. However, looks like even the mainstream media is not safe from the plague of fake and misleading news.

The latest media house found spreading misleading news is the reputed BBC. Yesterday, BBC published a report titled, “India police officer threatened for saving Muslim man from the mob” where it claimed that the hero cop Gagandeep Singh who had saved a Muslim man’s life last week is receiving death threats.

the older version of BBC report

In the report, BBC had cited police officials working with Gagandeep as the source of info that the cop has received death threats from communal forces and has been sent on leave. The same report was then picked by a lot of reputed media portals having a massive fan following triggering a massive backlash against India in the comment section.

However, today Gagandeep clarified that he has not received any such death threats and is on a planned holiday. “There’s no such thing. In fact, I got to know about this (that I have been receiving death threats) from other people. I have been enjoying my holiday. There is no question of me receiving death threats.” Gagandeep Singh said to The Quint.

BBC Changed its headline

The basis of BBC’s report seems to be the tweets from a lot of Twitter handles claiming that the cop is receiving a lot of death threats after the incident. But none of the tweets has mentioned the sources of their information.

When TheCitizen got in touch with Gagandeep he said that his leave was preplanned and was approved before the incident happened. He also said that he is currently on leave and will join the duty in a day or two.
Here is the audio of the same

BBC has now changed the title of the article and updated its story along with a footnote saying, “Correction: The BBC initially reported that the police officer had received death threats. We no longer believe this was the case”.

Looking at the massive fan following these portals have, even a single piece of misinformation can lead to chaos and we hope these media houses understand this and report responsibly.

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