With the recent conversations going around the #MeToo campaign a question that some people often ask is why the victim didn’t reveal this earlier. The answer to this question lies in victim blaming and exclusion from the society that rape or sexual abuse victims face in our country.

They along with their family are isolated from the society because for our society a girl who has been raped is like a damaged good and no one wants her.That’s the harsh reality and no matter how much we progress victims will not open up until we provide them with a supportive environment where they can share their pain freely.


In yet another incident of victim blaming a 9-year-old rape victim from Odisha’s Koraput district along with her family is now facing social isolation. Three weeks ago, the headmaster of a tribal residential school from the village was arrested on charges of impregnating the minor girl, reported Hindustan Times.

Since the girl is 5 months pregnant doctors have also ruled out the possibility of abortion of the fetus.After gathering courage the father of the girl who is a daily laborer lodged an FIR against the headmaster of the school for forcing his daughter into establishing a physical relationship with him.

And as if all this was not enough, the villagers are asking the family for a feast for purifying the girl since she was impregnated without marriage.

The father of the victim said to Hindustan Times, “I am a daily laborer. The community feast would cost me at least Rs 30,000. How can I arrange such a big amount? Besides, I need money for regular health check up of my daughter”.

District welfare officer of Koraput Jagannath Soren said,“We are concerned about the problems the family is facing. The district administration may give some assistance to her family”.


He also said departmental probe committee found it as a case of “illicit relationship” on the part of the headmaster and not that of sexual assault. Hence, no financial assistance could be provided in the case.

This is utterly shameful on the part of the villagers, instead of coming forward to stand against the rapist and assisting the family they are indulging in the same old tactic of victim blaming.They are expecting a feast from a family who is already going through mental trauma. Even the administration is not considering it as a case of rape. How inhumane people can be!

ht : Hindustan Times



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