Few actors like Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar have always set the bars high when it comes to charity, helping farmers and jawans or other social activities. Recently, in the light of Bangalore mass molestation incident,  Akshay had released a video message appealing people to respect women and for making a safer space for them. Now , two days before we celebrate our 68th Republic day he has come forward with another unique heartfelt idea to help the families of martyrs. In the video, he has proposed to start a website and app to assist them financially and he has also asked people for inputs and suggestions regarding it.


In the video, he says:

“There are many people among us who want to extend their help to the family of martyrs of armed forces but due to lack of info. are not able to do so. Since I am a public figure, I somehow manage to get the details.
Also, I have helped them many times as per my potential and capacity. But, still there are thousands of people like me who want to extend help to the families of martyrs.
So, let us plan something so that the families of the martyrs and those who want to help them have a common platform where they can interact. This idea is directly from my heart. Maybe it is useless or can be a big hit. I think we should have a website or mobile app which directly connects the family members of the martyrs to those who want to help them. If a soldier of the Indian Armed forces dies on duty, then a verified account number of his family member would reflect on that site the very next day. It will also show the financial status of the soldier’s family.”

Watch the video here:

He adds, “The name of martyrs along with their bank account numbers will be listed on this website. If you want to help that jawan financially, you can directly donate the sum into their accounts. Also, the details of the donations provided should reflect on the website. That account number will be deleted once the total deposited money sums to Rs 15 lakh. In this way, family members of the jawan can directly use that money.

It is quite simple, our country has a population of more than 125 crores, out of which even if 15,000 people contribute Rs 100/- each, the family of the martyr will get Rs 15 lakhs which will lead to a better and safe future of his family members. It will also save them from hectic and tiring government procedures. Please let me know your inputs and if you think it is a good idea then I will go ahead and will start the website and app on my own with the help of armed forces and government”

We appreciate the step taken by Akshay who is using social media for spreading awareness on social issues!

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