A one-and-a-half-year-old girl died in an ambulance on Monday evening after the ambulance got stuck in a traffic jam due to a wedding procession. This tragic incident happened near Damoh’s Ghanta Ghar area, Madhya Pradesh.

The child was stung by a poisonous scorpion and her parents were taking her to a nearby clinic. There they were told to transfer her to the Damoh district hospital in an ambulance. The hospital was at a distance of 27km from their house. But on the way, they met with the traffic jam caused by a wedding procession. They were stuck for around half an hour because the people didn’t let the ambulance way to pass. The girl took her last breath in front of her parents due to the absence of required medical care.

representational image/ source: youtube

The mourning father told to ANI,”There was so much traffic that there was no place for the ambulance to move. My daughter was still breathing when she was inside the ambulance, but eventually died due to traffic.

A case was registered by the police against the baraatis and the DJ.”A case has been registered against some named and some unidentified people who were part of the DJ, band party and the baraat under section 283 (endangering or obstructing public way).If our investigation reveals that the ambulance was caught in the jam created by baraat, and it led to the child’s death, tougher charges will be added against the accused.“, said Damoh SP Vivek Agrawal to TOI.


In this terrible incident, the little girl is not the only one who died, somewhere and somehow a part of humanity also died with her. Have we lost humanity to such an extent that we can’t even provide the way to the ambulances? Earlier also similar incidents have been reported where people have died in ambulances just because it got stuck in traffic jams or some VIP procession. A nation can never progress until its citizens have basic civil sense.The obstruction created by the wedding guests took a precious life which was yet to see this beautiful world and left a permanent scar on the life of her parents. We urge our readers to make way for the ambulances whenever you get an opportunity. Your small gesture can save someone’s precious life.

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