On Sunday afternoon, a Jammu and Kashmir Sub Inspector Imtiyaz Ahmed Mir was shot dead by the militants while he was on his way back to meet his parents in Sontabugh, in the interiors of Pulwama district of South Kashmir. The officer was aware of the fact that the militants in the region were hunting down as many policemen as they could. Mir also made an attempt to deceive the militants by shaving off his beard and changing his looks, he took his personal vehicle instead of the one that belonged to the police. All of his attempts, to meet his parents, failed as the militants recognized him at Wahibug, on his way home, and took him to the nearest stream and shot him dead.

His colleagues warned him about the militant situation in the region he was about to enter. Mir was adamant on meeting his parents and after changing his looks said: “Now they (militants) will not be able to recognize me.” These were probably his last words to his officers.

Police Intelligence officer desperate to meet parents shaved off beard to change his looks (Indiatoday.in)

Mir was a preacher of peace and had earlier expressed his concerns on social media when two of his fellow policemen were killed by the militants on Shab-e-Qadar, the holiest day of the fasting month – Ramzan. He posted on facebook “So the job is done!!! Another feat achieved!! Once again the auspicious night became the victim!! Once again we will witness people justifying those dastardly acts!! Once again we will witness silence from the other camp!! Once again we will witness grand wreath-laying ceremonies!! But who is going to tell the little children that their fathers were the victims?”

“How many lives more do you want!! How can a Muslim kill another one…. how could that killer eat sehri after making a child orphan!! Is there anyone who is going to fill the void !!!! For heaven’s sake stop this mindless violence … I don’t blame anyone except India and Pakistan who are making merry in their own countries and killing people mindlessly !! Talk peace !! Talk peace !! talk peace!! Can’t bear it now!!!”

According to the DNA, the police have initiated a probe to look out for sources who could have passed information of Mir’s journey. The militants might have received hints of Mir’s travel as they were eagerly waiting to attack him.


On the demise of the Intelligence officer, Mir, former Jammu, and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was quoted by NDTV, “Very unfortunate & highly condemnable. These killings are aimed at destroying the morale of the police force & we must guard against all such attempts. My heartfelt sympathies to the family & colleagues of Mir Imtiyaz.”

Mir was posted in the CID department in March this year and his dedication towards his job was applauded by his senior officials.

The official twitter account of the Kashmir Zone Police tweeted the wreath-laying ceremony of the martyr held at the District Police Lines in Pulwama.

The conflict between the two countries, India and Pakistan, has taken humanity on a toll. It’s about time people recognize the value of lives more than the value of possession. Who knows how many more Mir’s do we have to sacrifice.




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