This daughter’s powerful letter to her dad whom she had never met will melt your heart for sure.

“And you know?
How it really feels losing someone you never met? Having feelings for the one you never met? It’s the love which keeps them together, a love of a father and a daughter!A one sided love which a father couldn’t understand, a love which had no meaning, a love which was worthless.
But it was the only thing which kept her close to her father, how could she stop loving him? How could she stop thinking of him?

Her father was her only wish, her first and last wish which left incomplete forever. She couldn’t see him, she couldn’t meet him.
But he was always there with her, forever in her heart!
No Matter whatever he had done, She will be forgiving him for everything he did.
That’s the love
The love of a Daughter for her Father! ❤ “


Contributed By Riya Bisen

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