Failed suicide attempts
Depressive thoughts
Helplessness, loss of hope
I felt it was the end of world for me…

Keeping myself disconnected from the world
Locking myself in the room for days I realized….

I realized it’s not easy to get over a broken heart
But it’s also not wise to cry over someone who doesn’t deserve me
It took me months,a lot of time…but I fought with those negative thoughts
And with the passing days with the help of my family I emerged victorious

But not everyone is lucky…some succumb to their inner demons
In those moments of weakness it’s always good to speak your heart out,to seek advice…

It’s not a taboo as society makes it to be…
It’s quite natural…everyone has depressive thoughts at some point of their life…
In today’s competitive world it’s quite normal

We just need patience and a helping attitude…
Hearing someone up in their moments of distress may save someone’s life..

Be brave to face your demons…seek medical advice
Fight back,like a true fighter
I survived it,so will you…

From A Suicide Survivor
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