Right a month after the destructive California wildfire, when one of the owners went back to their home, she saw their beloved pet dog still waiting for them.

Madison, Andrea Gaylord’s pet dog surprised its owner and was waiting patiently for her to return back home after it survived the wildfire.

While she was away ’cause of the incident, Andrea connected with an animal rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan, who regularly checked on her property who found Miguel, Madison’s brother, and took care of him. And even though she had no news of Madison, she somewhere knew he must have survived and left him supplies.

After the evacuation orders were lifted, and when Andrea was finally permitted to visit her damaged house, she saw Madison who came to her as soon as he saw her approaching.
For someone who had nothing left after the fire, Andrea was overwhelmed and overjoyed to reunite with her pet dog.

We humans can at one point flicker in being loyal, but the unconditional love and loyalty that the dogs show to their owners are just exceptional and one of its kind.

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