After the death of a 30-year-old community member, two months ago in a road accident, this Rajput family from Indore does not want others to suffer the same fate.In a revolutionary move, the family decided to put an end to the practice of pagdi rasam (giving headdresses or turbans) after Mundan Sanskar(head shaving according to religious norms) and replaced it with helmets. The helmets were distributed among gathering associates on the 13th day of the death of a 99-year-old family associate.


My grandfather, Ramnarayan Tikoliya, who was the eldest member of the family, would always ask us to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. He became more strict about it after he came to know of the death of community member Rajesh Raoria in a road accident in September this year. He died because he wasn’t wearing a helmet,” Ramnarayan’s grandson Rajesh Kumawat told TOI.

After family patriarch passed away on November 1, 2017, the family decided the champion path to remember him was to give the “gift of life“. “Through this, we wanted to spread our grandfather’s message that traffic rules are meant for our safety and everyone should follow the law,” Rajesh expressed. The concept struck Kumawat’s cognition on Sunday, after which he reached his gathering associates to cover if they could give helmets instead of headdresses on the 13th-day rites.


Kumawat told, even though they remained very conservative about customs, especially rituals related to the death of a family associate when he proposed the concept of the helmet, the associates did not argue it.A policeman was got in and 25 helmets were given at the Kumawat residence in Musakhedi location of the municipality.

It is a very thoughtful gesture and people should support it,” expressed DSP Pradeep Singh Chouhan, who was present on the occasion. “We have been advising motorists to follow traffic rules for their own safety,” he added.

An initiative like this is truly commendable. Following traffic rules is important and making sure everybody around us is following it too, is important. The Indian Feed appreciates the move by the members and hope that this will set an example for others to follow

Source: TOI

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