Reading the headline, it’s natural to feel like we are still living in the stone age. But wait, there is more to the case to shame our logic.

According to the report by TOI, on the evening of 5th July, the three girls in context, from Chhattisgarh’s tribal Jashpur district didn’t return home. Their worried family went looking for them.

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One of the youths from the village saw three men raping the girls. He somehow managed to drive away the culprits. Two of the three sisters are minors. When the girls returned home, the family decided to get the police involved in the case immediately but the idea didn’t go down well with the panchayat.

The panchayat called for a meeting and tried to crack a compromise between the girls and their rapists. Mind you, panchayat, that rape is a heinous crime and not a profitable deal. Crimes must end with punishments, extreme punishments and not so-called compromises.

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However, the three rapists were asked to pay RS 10000 each which sums up to RS 30000 in total. Then the panchayat did the most disgusting thing in the name of ‘Justice’. It arranged a mutton feast for everyone and distributed the leftover money among every community member each of whom got RS 485.

The girls’ family were deeply agitated by the decision and moved to the media. Only then the police came to know about the verdict, says Jashpur ASP Uneza Khatoon. A police team has been sent to the village.

Seems like the sarpanch, Narayan Bhagat has lost all tracks of his common sense. Let alone feeling guilty, he defends himself by saying that the girls and the men, ie their rapists were found in ‘compromising’ position and the girls’ family willingly called the matter a truce.

‘Sir’, you’re the head of a community and we expect you to know that sex with minors can never be termed consensual. We too hope you to have heard of POCSO rule according to which the criminals who force minors to sex must be jailed and not made to pay for mutton parties.

Let’s re-open our civics books. Panchayats aren’t meant to take judicial decisions. We are pretty sure no family would like to party and celebrate the rape of their daughters. Moreover, to all those villagers who are much happy and content to receive RS 485 and leg pieces on their plates, would you auction the honor and life of your own daughters for the same, someday?

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