The highest virtue is to sacrifice the body, to tear it into parts and give hope and life to someone else which is also called as ‘organ donation’. It is one biggest honor given to the human, even after it doesn’t exist.
In an incident in Andhra Pradesh, Ch. Rakesh was severely injured in a road accident while he was riding the bike with another person on February 18. They were on way to Pamidimukkala from Pamarru.

He was 15 years old and was a resident of Pamidimukkala of Krishna district (AP), when he was hit by an unidentified vehicle in Vuyyuru. He had major multiple injuries and after battling with life for over 5 days at Kamineni Hospital, he was declared brain dead and was succumb to coma.

Upon declaration of the situation, Jeevandan ( A Cadaver Transplantation Program) and the doctors of Kamineni Hospital made the parents understand the importance of it and the fact that it will be saving 7 patients’ lives.




Through Jeevandan, Rakesh’s organs were donated to seven patients. Rakesh’s father said to the media, “We lost our son, it is some relief to us know that his organs will bring life to seven other patients.”

Rakesh’s organs, post-operation were given to different patients. His heart was shifted to Pothis hospital, Chennai, whereas his lungs were shifted to Global Hospital, Chennai. His kidneys were sent to Manipal Hospital and Arun Kidney center in Vijayawada, eyes to Shankar Netralaya, Guntur and his liver was sent to Ayush Hospital, Vijayawada.

Awareness about such social-cause and understanding of the same require balancing on both the sides of the one who is asking and the one who is giving.

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