Coy Mistress“, a photo series by Calcutta-based fashion photographer, Amit dey, highlights the suppression that the LGBT community faces each day due to social pressures.

Hiding their sexual preferences, he being a bisexual himself realized that it was time for them and his friends from the community to come out of the closet.

All he wants is to plead to the society to accept people as they are, their love choices and opinions equally. Love knows no age no gender, it’s a natural process and it just happens.

So why not let the people be !!


The Indian Feed appreciates this bold attempt by Amit and hopes this brings a change in people’s mind.

For more amazing work collection, you can check Amit’s Facebook page.

Models: Gm Gourab, Popi Bera, Amit Bittoo Dey
Makeup and photo credit: Amit Karmakar
Designer: Kala Sambit
Concept, styling and direction: Amit Bittoo Dey

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