Mysuru police lost two of its policemen in an unfortunate road accident on Saturday. The mishap took place in Alanahalli on the the Mysuru-T Narasipura road on Saturday morning as police jeep met with a head-on collision with a bike, following which they rammed into a state transport bus.

Accident was so severe that driver of the police van died on the spot while the accompanying inspector was bleeding very badly for about half an hour. But it wasn’t enough to melt the hearts of the onlookers as none of them tried to help them out or even cared to call for an ambulance. Instead it became a photo-shoot session for them as bystanders started clicking photos of the injured policemen and their wrecked jeep.

Only after the team of Mysuru SP arrived on the spot of the accident after half an hour , the 38-year-old inspector Mahesh Kumar was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries within minutes , whereas 32-year-old Lakshman, the driver of the jeep, died on the spot.

source : thenewsminute

Immediate hours after any accident is known as ‘Golden Hour’ which is very crucial for saving the life of injured ones. Reports by SaveLife foundation (A NGO working for road safety in India) reveals that 50% of road accident deaths in India can be avoided if we give immediate help to the injured.

“We have conducted several awareness programmes even in this area, but people don’t come forward to help because they don’t want to get entangled in a police case,” the Mysuru SP told to TheNewsMinute.

“In this case, many people apparently didn’t react because they were shocked that policemen were involved in the accident,” he added.

It is shocking to see that people did not come forward to help the victims even after the guidelines of Supreme Court which forbids police to take the names and details of any good Samaritan who helps a victim.

Our heartfelt condolences are with the families of the police personnels who lost their lives in this unfortunate accident and we urge people to come forward and help accident victims in their hour of need. We need to understand that giving sad reacts on social media or writing RIP messages in the comment box is not going to help. If a person is gasping for his last breaths in front of us it’s our responsibility to help him.

3 lives lost  … two of the policemen along with humanity !

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