When the ‘Pradyuman murder case’ took over media, even the most disinterested ones were found glued to TV screens. All thanks to media to keep us updated on each and every advancement being made in the case. A few days later, the school’s bus conductor was ‘proved’ guilty. He even ‘confessed’ the crime and us, the fool public was made to see exclusive footage as a proof of the great job done by relentless efforts of police and media.

The extent of hatred against the bus driver was such that even bar council of Sohna in Gurgaon jointly passed a resolution refusing to fight his case after he was initially accused of Thakur’s murder. And now, we have come to know that it was nothing but a precisely choreographed conspiracy by the police, media, school authority and Rich parents of the real culprit.


A 16 YO student currently in 11th grade of the same school who is the actual culprit and he has given a bizarre reason for committing this sin. He says, by this the school would have remained closed for a few days which could lead to delay in fore coming exams and parent-teacher meeting.

And actress Renuka Shahane has something to say on this in her FB post we totally agree with her. Read her post here-

“The rich parents, the management of the school & the Gurugram police who did such a shoddy job, didn’t mind making a scapegoat of an innocent man whose only crime was his poverty.” She writes.

According to a report published by TOI, a CBI official on terms of anonymity has told that  CBI’s probe has revealed that Gurgaon police planted the murder weapon, a knife, on school bus conductor Ashok Kumar as they accused him of being the killer and declared the case as “solved” within hours.

TOI further quoted the official as saying, “The knife was bought by the juvenile from a local shop and he brought it with him inside the school. This is the only knife which was recovered and so the claim of Gurgaon police that Ashok Kumar brought it inside the school and used it to kill the boy has no basis whatsoever“.

This raises some serious concern regarding, what would have happened if the case would not have been handled by the CBI. Just because the bus driver was poor he was made a scapegoat and was even forced to confess that he has committed the crime.

If this is how the police solve a case in our country, who knows the next scapegoat might be anyone of us?

There are some evident aspects we can’t close eyes to.

1) On one hand, a parent sends his kid to the school and loses him to murder. On the other hand, a child of merely 16 year age kills his schoolmate just to get exams postponed! Where is this education and education system leading us? What is the benefit of the big names and brands if it can’t even inculcate humanity and morality in children?

2) If protectors of people ‘made’ an innocent man confess a murder he didn’t commit and embrace the fierce consequence, how can we expect Justice from them?

3) Media. The fourth column of democracy. Instead of being the true voice, it acted as a parrot who shouted out a lie to the public who have invested immense faith in it?

4) The school had a reputation to be protected. The culprit and his family had a reputation to be protected. But did the driver and his family have none of it? Just because he was poor and a common Man, the responsibility of protecting the hollow reputations of the corrupt rich had to impose on his shoulders? Is that what the law of world’s largest democracy says?

We salute the bus conductor Ashok’s family who stood by him and kept the fight up. Though late, Justice happened and an innocent was not penalized. But how can we be happy, with the ugly face of the world that this murder case has shown us?

The bus conductor said on Friday he will file a case against the Haryana police and school’s management for torturing and defaming him.We hope that strict action is taken against such police officials who tried to ruin the life of a poor man just to save their image.

At last, we say, RIP Pradyuman.

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