If you’ve ever reached the movie theatre little early and have bothered to watch the ‘no smoking’ ad, you’d be knowing that smoking in public is legally prohibited. If you’ve not watched, it’s absolutely okay because the fact is far away from reality.

A pregnant woman Chinat Devi (45) and her family were traveling in the general bogey of Punjab-Bihar Jallianwala Express on Friday night. She opposed Sonu Yadav who was smoking near her.

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To be noted here, the lady was pregnant and passive smoking can be severely injurious to foetus. It was an act of a concerned mother to protect her unborn. Well, this didn’t go down well with Sonu who attacked her and strangulated her after a heated up argument.


The train was stopped at Saharanpur station and the lady was rushed to the hospital where the doctor declared her dead. The lady was going to Bihar for celebrating Chhat Puja, says GRP police station In-charge, Shahjahanpur, A K Pandey. And that’s how two precious lives were instantly terminated.

As all of us are way too enthusiastic to transform the society by our online activities, somewhere in the offline world a woman just got killed along with her child for opposing what’s absolutely illegal and illogical. We wonder if we can ever take a leap across this huge gap between the real and the virtual world.


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