We, the people and society, always crave to reach a platform where we are called educated, we crave to be in the families of educated and after this, should we doubt our terms of being ‘educated’?

“…a woman who dresses up like a man. What will be the character of the child this woman gives birth to? The name of these children is ‘transgender’ or ‘napumsakam’, says a professor who is in charge of Health Awareness classes in a part of Kerala. It is a question on the whole of the mankind. A disgusting, offensive remark on women, transgender and humans with special abilities.

Never before have we heard anything more disgusting than this. 3 lines will make you feel like why such people exist? Worse is what more would be in the minds of such nincompoops.


It came out when in a counseling session in Kerala, Dr. Ranjith Kumar ( Yes, he is the one) claimed to have a ‘scientific’ reason for why transgenders and autistic children are born. So according to his words, the women who wear jeans and thus degrade the ‘womanhood’ in the process give birth to them.

“Good children are born to those men and women who live their lives as men and women. But, when a woman degrades her womanhood and a man degrades his manhood, the girl child born to the couple will have the character of a man. The child that she eventually gives birth to, will be born transgender,” Rajith can be seen spreading ‘awareness’.

“The children born to rebel men and women have this new disease called autism,” Rajith said while he was showing a video clip of a foreign family. Following that, “Do you see that? The mother is wearing jeans and both her children suffer from autism,” Rajith exclaimed.

Luckily, the state government was all on his head after hearing and witnessing such offensive remarks in this regard. Health Minister KK Shailaja has shared a note which mentions that Ranjith’s participation will be barred from all the government programmes.

“Rajith Kumar has been consistently propagating superstitious and sexist ideas… After having made a comment that transgender people are born to women who wear jeans, he reiterated the statement in a television show. We are mulling legal action against him for making such derogatory comments,” the minister said.

It doesn’t stop here, the man then defends himself by saying that all the explanation was based on the academic research and experience which has a backbone of science.

However, the panellists who took part in the chat show, including a psychiatrist at Government Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram, criticised Rajith for propagating false claims. Transgender activists who took part in the show, including Transgender Welfare Board members Sheethal Shyam and Sreemayi, backed fire at him for being irrational, illogical and offender.

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