After the huge protest by fringe groups across the nation against the release of the Padamavati movie without even watching it another protest has emerged this time from Karnataka which is aimed at protecting the so-called Sanskar, culture, and pride of the state.

On Friday a pro-Kannada group Karnataka Rakshana vedike Yuve Sene took to streets for protesting against the Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s upcoming New Year Eve performance in Bengaluru.The event is scheduled to be organized at Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru.

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According to an India Today report, the group members protested by wearing black headbands, arm ribbons and burning the posters of the actress. The group has also threatened to commit mass suicide if their demands are not met.

Sunny Leone has been invited to participate in New Year’s Eve Party named “Sunny Night in Bengaluru NYE 2018”.The protesting group has demanded the show to be canceled as they believe it will affect the existing Kannada culture as Sunny will cause harm to their traditions.

One of the protestors told that the group strongly condemns Sunny’s image due to her past career and they believe that bringing her to Bengaluru will corrupt the men and women there and will provoke them to misbehave.

This is not Kannada culture. People from other cultures are spoiling Kannada culture. The program should not happen,” Harish, one of the protestors told TheNewsMinute. “We know what kind of clothes she wears and what kind of movies she acts in.

“We have all seen what happened at MG Road and Brigade Road on December 31 last year. Bringing people like Sunny Leone to Bengaluru will only corrupt the minds of men and women, and lead them to behave inappropriately,” he said, adding, “Is it right to bring a woman, ask her to wear skimpy clothes and dance in order to make money? Are there no Kannada actors? They can ask women to wear sarees and dance gracefully.” He was further quoted as saying.


However, the organizer of the show has denied any such performance by Sunny in
the event wearing inappropriate clothes and added that the program has been organized keeping Bengaluru and Kannada culture in mind.

Some demonstrators have said that they wouldn’t oppose Leone’s performance if she wears a saree.

Source : DNA

We hope strict action is taken against these fringe elements who keep on organizing such protests without even wanting to know the reality.Why can’t these so-called guards of culture and pride protest against the issues that really deserve attention? In an incident similar to Nirbhaya case, a girl was gang-raped in Bengaluru by six men and her legs were crushed with stone, she was hurled on the wall, why we don’t see any protest by these fringe elements. Has this incident not put a dent in state’s pride?

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