A 25-year-old techie died yesterday as people were busy in taking his photos and videos instead of helping or calling the ambulance.The software engineer Satish Prabhakar Mete, was bleeding heavily on Wednesday evening after being hit by a vehicle, but as expected our apathetic society instead of helping him decided to capture his last moments.

When he received help from a passerby it was already too late. Kartikraj Kate, a dentist from Bhosari who stopped to help Mete, took him to Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital where he was declared dead by the doctors.

Kate told TOI that he was on his way to his clinic in Bhosari around 6.30pm on Wednesday when he noticed the gathering at Indrayaninagar corner. “When I slowed down, I saw a badly injured man lying on the road. He was soaked in blood but was conscious,” he said.

He was moving his hands and legs. People had surrounded him. Some clicked photographs of the accident scene, while some one shot a video too. But none of them was ready to help him,” he said.


According to the TOI report, Kate then stopped an auto, fortunately, the auto driver has helpful and decided to offer him a lift. Mete was bleeding heavily from his nose and ears and had tyre marks on his stomach.
The dentist also tried to save the man’s life by giving him cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). But, after some time he stopped responding.At the hospital, doctors declared him brought dead. “His life could have been saved had the onlookers around taken him to the hospital immediately” Kate added.

This case of public apathy is not new and runs deep in our blood. According to the Law Commission of India, 50% of those killed in road accidents could have been saved had timely assistance been rendered to them.We fail to understand what do people gain by taking these pics and videos. Sadistic pleasure? probably yes, for them sharing pics and videos on WhatsApp groups is more important than saving someone’s life.

Why do people fail to understand that anyone can be in that place? Everyone is prone to accident, next day it may be anyone of us. Imagine counting your last moments and knowing that your life can be saved but the crowd around you chooses to capture your pics instead of helping.CAN WE JUST NOT CALL 108 INSTEAD OF TAKING PICS?


People should stop giving excuse about police harassment and should know the below facts about Good Samaritan law passed by Supreme Court in 2016
1) According to the latest Supreme court latest, a good Samaritan will not be liable for any civil or criminal action for any injury or death of the victim

2)Good Samaritan who informs police or emergency service regarding an injured person not to be compelled to reveal his personal details

3)Disciplinary action against public officials who coerce Good Samaritan to reveal his personal details

4)Hospitals cannot refuse treatment to a victim

5)The Good Samaritan can choose to be an eyewitness and cannot be compelled

(Courtesy: Save life foundation)

People, in case you think you won’t be able to take care of the victim, the least you can do is to call 108. Make better use of your phone, instead of taking pics, call 108.

h/t : TOI

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