Men have breasts. Women have breasts too. Women’s breasts are proportionately bigger in size due to high deposition of adipose tissue. They are designed so to serve the purpose of breastfeeding. Is it some rocket science? All of us have learned this in the biology classes of our schools but why can’t we make peace with the facts?

A few days back a Florida based school asked a teenage girl student who wasn’t wearing a bra to class to put a bandage on her nipples so they don’t cause ‘distraction’ to others. And now, a Pune based school has come up with some really insane rules for its girl students leaving the guardians aghast.

1)The girl students must wear either white or skin colored innerwear to school.

2)The length of their skirts has also been decided by the school. Here is the list of rules.

3)Furthermore, they are allowed to use the washroom during the allotted time and not outside this time limit.

4) To park their cycles, they have to pay RS 1500 annually.

5) Parents are urged to donate books to the school library (indeed a great move!). Children of parents who donate books have a free access to library and others have to deposit RS 500 and then RS 100 monthly for it.


School guidelines have included strict actions against students and parents who don’t follow these ridiculous rules.

“The girls were asked to wear either white or skin color innerwear. They have even mentioned the length of the skirt to be worn by them. They have all these things in the school diary and have asked us to sign it,” a parent was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Well, we wonder how the school is going to check for the color of any girl’s innerwear without outraging her modesty. We also doubt that the ones who have set these rules had skipped all their biology classes when they were students. Had they not, they would’ve known that urination is an autonomic function of the body and bladders can’t be tamed to follow watches. And, though indirectly, donations are never supposed to be imposed and rather be voluntary.

“All these rules are meant for the security of the students. There is no any other intention. If parents have any objection, they have to approach us. We will definitely find a solution,” says Suchitra Karad Nagare, executive director of MIT Group of Institute. Nagare also called the intentions behind implementing the rules as ‘very pure’.

However, dissatisfied parents and students had staged a protest on Wednesday and also met the director of primary education at the school to complain about the matter.

This issue has also drawn the attention of Maharastra’s education minister.

“I have directed the education department to conduct a detailed inquiry in this matter. If necessary, we will take action,” state education minister Vinod Tawde said.

Does any of you remember having to pay parking fee back in school? We, neither!

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