Initially, everything was normal and I was dancing for 20 minutes, but then the organizers turned the music off. My mother then came to me and asked me to come home, saying that the organizers were angry with my presence. They said that only boys would be part of the festivities. I then relented and went home. As soon as I left, the celebrations started again.says the woman, who was banned from playing dandiya by her community members because she had opposed virginity examination before her marriage.

The woman belongs to Kanjarbat community and had firmly opposed the age-old tradition of examination of virginity of a girl before her marriage. Her husband had stood by her and the couple had tied the holy knot last May in the presence of policemen. Then, the couple was socially boycotted. Kanjarbat community is notorious for its virginity test.

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When the suhaag raat takes place between the couple, members of the panchayat sit outside the room where the couple is having sex. They make the couple spread a white bed sheet on the bed where the couple would then have sex.

The next morning, the bed sheet is checked for bloodstains. If the bed sheet is stained, all is good. But if it isn’t, well, the bride is considered a non-virgin and thereby characterless. Often, brides are beaten up for it.

The woman had thought that chaos from society has finally stopped coming to her. But during Navratri celebrations of her community, she had to face such humiliating seclusion on Monday. The lady, however, decided not to digest this Injustice.

With the help of Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS), she filed a case under the Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016 with Pimpri police station again 8 people.

Nandini Jadhav, who works with MANS made a very valid point here. She said, “They are celebrating a festival of Goddess but they are not ready to give any respect to a woman who is not at all wrong. It shows the double standards of these people. Unless some strict action is taken against the culprits who socially boycott other people, such practices will not stop,”

Virginity test isn’t even approved medically. When shall stubborn and orthodox minds feed this fact and also that, virginity is in no way synonymous to purity?

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