Living true to their profession of being doctors this Pune based couple resolved to donate their organs and also made their wedding guests do so in one of its kind weddings.


Dr. Pratik Raut and his bride Dr. Uttara wanted their wedding to be a special affair not only for them but also for the society.

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, both the bride and the groom expressed their views on this matter.

“We wanted the day to be special for us, our family and friends, but also to mean much more. An event like this is not something people usually expect at weddings, but we wanted to make a true difference to society amidst all the celebration,” said Dr. Uttara (Deshpande) Raut, the bride, and a forensic odontologist


“One single donor can save almost eight lives. It is something people should be aware of and volunteer for,” said the groom, Dr. Raut. Speaking about the driving force behind the initiative, he added, “Collectively, in our medical careers, we have seen several cases where patients have been in dire need of organs and how their lives could have been saved if donors were found in time. Further, unlike blood donation, not much awareness exists in society in terms of organ donation.”

The two felt their wedding was a great opportunity to spread mass awareness about the issue.Before the onset of the wedding rituals, the couple along with the volunteers of Rebirth organization gave a presentation on organ donation


Later tables were set up alongside lunch tables for interested people to come and fill the consent forms.A total of 25 people thronged to the special desks to fill in their names along with the newlyweds.

In a country like India where people spend most of their lifetime earnings on weddings to entertain people who later crib about it, this initiative is something we need to learn from.More power to the couple and best wishes!!


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