Punjab: Neha, daughter of a truck driver scored 99.54 per cent marks (647/650) and bagged the first rank in class 10 as announced by Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).
Even though her journey came out to be a success, her path wasn’t. Her father, Pawan Kumar, was barely able to pay her school fees, let alone her school extra classes which were Rs 350 a month.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Neha, who is the eldest of four siblings, said: “I never took any tuition. I did not want tuition and also my parents did not have the money to pay for it. They gave my school fee and that was more than enough. I concentrated on self-studies and never missed school. Our extra classes and tests in the school itself were the most helpful. You really don’t need to do anything if you follow syllabus in school instead of depending on tuition.”


Neha, who has pursued classical dance training, was also used to be on social media but left it before exams. “You need to relax sometimes, so I used Facebook for half an hour a day but a week before exams, I left it completely,” she said. While her father was away on tour, he received the good news regarding his daughter’s result via phone by the family members.

Speaking to The Indian Express, her mother Jiya Verma mentioned how proud she and her husband were of their eldest daughter.
“My husband earns Rs 10,000 a month working as a truck driver with a company and that is not enough to raise four children. Still, our daughter has made us the proudest parents today. She would hardly sleep for more than 3-4 hours a day and would return from school at 7 pm after attending extra classes. Even on Sundays, she would go to school and never miss extra classes. She never made any excuse to not attend them. Her father also wanted to be with her today but he is out on tour…He was overwhelmed and his reaction could not be explained in words when we told him on the phone.”

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When Neha saw her result, she cried in disbelief and broke out while her teachers cheered for her. It was indeed a moment where her hard work bore fruits.

The Indian Feed admires every student like Neha, who despite any comfort in life achieve success and yet not brag about it. It is necessary for students of this generation to realise that it doesn’t matter which tuition you go to or what tutor you seek because, at the end of the day, it is your hard work that will pay off.

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