Only few days after Mr. and Mrs. Samir Acharya of Panskura town of Kolkata complained of all 18 of their pet cats having been poisoned to death by some college students, a video footage of two women beating 16 puppies to death hailing from the same state has shaken the animal lovers across the nation.

“On Sunday afternoon, I was attracted by the cries of the puppies. When I looked out, I saw two women beating the pups with sticks. When I shouted to them to stop, they shouted back asking whether I would protect them if the dogs bit them. When they continued, one of our students shot the video clip and uploaded it on Facebook,”, says a resident of the hostel of state-run Dr R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital who has witnessed the horrific event that took place in a narrow passage visible from her window. However, the student has chosen not to reveal her identity.

In the 25 seconds long footage, one of the culprit has been identified as a third year nursing student from state-run N R S Medical College while the air around the identity of the second woman has not yet been cleared. Based upon this, Daipayan Biswas, deputy superintendent of the hospital has begun a probe and even the principal of the nursing hostel has been informed about the same. After interrogation, a third-year student and a second-year student have confessed to committing the heinous crime and they will be presented at the court today for their hearing.

The carcasses of the dead puppies have been found at a dumping yard inside the hospital campus where waste from the gynecology department is meant to be disposed. Preliminary post-mortem reports say that four puppies died of trauma to head while the rest succumbed to injuries inflicted in abdomen.

One of the puppies who survived the horror and has been given refuge by animal activists and pet lovers is too scared to be touched by humans. The puppy is currently under the care of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

It’s tough to stand the whole video. You can sense chills running down your spine hearing those helpless cries. They couldn’t be saved from the two monsters but we hope the four leggeds are not deprived of Justice. The two women must be penalized as per section 429 of IPC so as to let other abusers know that one can’t simply kill innocent babies and get away with it just because they didn’t belong to human species.

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