Standing up against the wrongs and protesting for the rights has been the legitimacy of Indians. There had been cases when where a change has been brought in the judicial systems and people just because of the appealing voices of the nation. If the crime scale have crossed the level of extremes, then so have the protests reached. But, today the instead of stepping out from the emotional corridor, the victim protests for herself as she finds no solution to her problem.


After almost 10 months of FIR being launched against the rape accused by the victim’s father, victim was left with no option other than raising her own voice. On 24th march 2017, a FIR was registered against Divya Pandey and Ankit Verma against rape of an engineering student in Barabanki as confirmed by ASP Shashi Shekhar singh to Economic Times.

Sick of waiting, she ran out of patience and wrote a letter, slitting her hand, with her blood to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Aditynath demanding justice and prison to the accused.


“The police is not taking action against the accused due to their powerful links. They (accused) are putting pressure on me to withdraw the case. I should be given justice otherwise I will commit suicide,” the girl said in the letter written on January 20.

Victim’s father reported that she was being raped and then continuously blackmailed by them. In October 2017, an fir was launched against anonymous users for creating a fake Facebook account by her name and posting obscene pictures.


Evident situations appeal that the Indian judicial system has become incapable of punishing the accused. Rape and cyber-crime are something which can’t be taken so lightly. Her anger and frustration can be witnessed in her letter as the amount of pain and torture she had already bore can’t be compared to any other pain. She chooses death over a life full of resentment is the statement that describes her agitation the best. Some voices are surely heard and the entire nation prays that hers is one of those. If not, the heads hailing high taking pride on its country shall no longer prevail the same.

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