In an another altruistic act, Rahul Dravid refused an honorary doctorate degree which was scheduled to be conferred on him on 27th of January by the Bangalore University.
Dravid’s declining of Honorary Degree conferred by Bangalore University came into news after a press release was issued by the University.

A press release from the university quotes, “Shri Rahul Dravid while thanking the Bangalore University for recognizing him for the Honorary Degree has in all humility declined to accept the degree.

The release further states, “He has conveyed that he would try to earn a doctorate degree by accomplishing some form of academic research in the field of sport rather than receiving an honorary degree”.

The press release also states that honorary degree on Rahul Dravid, former captain of Indian cricket team, at the 52nd annual convocation of Bangalore University scheduled to be held on January 27 was approved by the Honourable Governor and the Chancellor of Bangalore University.

The Indian Feed wishes Rahul Dravid all the best for his future endeavor and believes that he will earn a doctorate degree with flying colors and will set a new trend for our future generations.

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