It’s not always the money, but the deeds that reflect who you are. Nuclear family with a rented flat may be richer than a castle owner if the former lives with prestige and morals. The ministry of railways decided to remove the LCD behind every seat in Tejas Express due to the uncivilized behavior of the passengers so next time you travel from Mumbai to goa be prepared to get bored.


Tejas express marching from Chatrapati Maharaj Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai to Goa at a speed of 200 kmph provided a leisure journey for the passengers with LCD screen, headphones, wifi connection, bio-toilets and tea-coffee vending machines.

But due to a rapid and heavy damage of the devices, headphones being stolen and windows being broken, the ministry issued a circular on 7th February to all the zonal departments to remove the equipment in the existing ones and abandon the same in the manufacturing trains.

Source : ANI

“The matter was examined in Railway Board and following instructions are issued. Individual seat-mounted infotainment system to be discontinued in the existing coaches as well as the new manufacture,” read the circular, has been reported by the DNA.

However, the passengers association stands against the decision and demands a reduction in fares after the removal of services. While it also demands of repairing the equipment rather than removing them.

While the removing of infotainments LCD’s has been ordered, railways also aim at providing free wifi services to the passengers.
“We reviewed the Tejas Express and found that the infotainment devices are getting damaged frequently. The devices will be removed as passengers use a smartphone and the hotspot Wi-Fi facility will be available in trains,” said the director of information and publicity, Ved Prakash to the Hindustan Times.


India doesn’t need to progress but the attitude and mentality of every Indian need to. If the Indian government steps towards a better society, then the nation shall also move forward in its acceptance. It can only be possible by the combined efforts of the government and the native that our country moves with successive steps towards development. Afterall it’s the taxpayers’ and our own money that we are wasting by damaging public and railway properties.

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