Rajani Pandit, ‘Desi Sherlock’, featured on the Humans of Bombay page has gone viral with her story in a day. She aspired to become a detective from a young age, inspired by her father who was in the C.I.D. One of the earliest cases that she solved was of theft at a colleague’s house. She has had a career of solving 80,000 cases, writing two books, and being featured on various news channels too.

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In the post, Pandit speaks about the most dreadful case of her life where she had to go undercover and work as a maid at the suspect’s house. She risked her life for solving a murder case, which she succeeded in. The post reads: “I was in college when I solved my first case. I worked part-time in my first-year as an office clerk. A woman who I worked with told me about the thefts in her house. She had her eyes on her new daughter-in-law but had no proof. So I offered to investigate.

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I was always a curious person–with my father in CID, I had learned the art of a thorough investigation. I set up a watch across the street. I found out that this lady’s son was actually the thief. When questioned, he admitted to the thefts… after that, my career took off! I was 22 years old when I started.

Through word of mouth, people started tracking me down to help them solve their cases. I was approached by news channels and papers–I became India’s first female detective–it was unheard of! And it’s a tough job, my parents didn’t even know until much later!

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Once my dad found out, he reminded me of how dangerous this profession is– but if he could do it, so could I! So I continued with my investigations. I was married to my job. I just never had the time or desire to start a family.

My toughest case was gathering proof for a murder investigation. Both the husband and the son were murdered, but with no proof as to who did it. For 6 months, I went undercover as a maid to live with the woman who was suspected of being the murderer. When she fell sick, I took care of her and gained her trust slowly. But once, during pin-drop silence, my recorder made a ‘click’ sound. And that’s when she started doubting me. She refrained me from going out at all.

Then one day, the hitman who she hired, came to pay her a visit. That’s when I knew it was my chance. So I cut my foot with a knife and told them that I had to go out to get bandaged. I ran out, went to an STD booth and called the client to come home with the police. They were both arrested that day!

I’ve solved around 80,000 cases since. I’ve written two books, won countless awards and been featured by news channels. I’ve also received a few threats here and there–but my work is clean, my mind is clear and my courage is unwavering. But most of all…I’m a homegrown, desi Sherlock — how’s that for a Resumé opener?”.

Rajani’s service to the society is an inspiration for all the females out there who feel trapped under the shackles of the society. She has set an example of being a powerful and confident woman coming out of a stereotypical society and doing what she does the best. Despite being warned by her parents, Rajani did not hesitate a bit in pursuing an unusual and a dangerous career. She claims to have been married to her work and has had no desire of starting a family.

A shout out to Humans of Bombay page to bring out extraordinary stories of thousands of people whose contributions go unnoticed otherwise.

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