The Rajasthan High Court is about to set up a special helpline for distressed couples in the state. Not only that, the Rajasthan police is going to set up a shelter home to protect runaway couples.

The need for such protection home came up after the court was hearing a case about a youth who was arrested by the state’s police, despite orders to provide safety.

Some other incidents that led Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Civil Rights Janga Srinivas Rao to stand up for the safety of runaway couples are to protect they who fear for their lives and are scared of retaliation from hostile parents.

Last year, a minor girl was set ablaze because she fell in love with a boy from her own village by none other than her own parents, who confessed that they had no choice to murder her because the villagers questioned their daughter’s character.

Every year, innocent citizens lose their lives either by committing suicide or dying by the hands of their own people, just because they fell in love with someone. Speak to one another before taking such drastic steps, love isn’t fatal, people who are against it, are.

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