In a shocking incident which shows how sometimes people can get blinded by faith and superstitions, a man from Rajasthan killed his own daughter to please the God.

In a manner similar to how Goats are offered on the occasion of Eid, the man slit the throat of his own 4 years old daughter to offer it as a Qurbani to the almighty. The incident happened at around 3 am on Friday when Nawab Ali Quershi took his daughter Rizwana to the verandah and made her sit in his lap. Little did the small girl know what was awaiting her. After reading the verses from Quran the man then slit her throat. He then rinsed his blood-soaked clothes and went to sleep.


The incident happened in Pipad City in Jodhpur district, Rajasthan. As per media report, the little kid was well fed in the day with sweets and fruits similar to how goats are fed.

I am a Namazi and I love my child more than my own life. I offered my daughter as a sacrifice,” the accused said to the cops.

Qureshi confessed to his crime on Saturday after a day-long interrogation by the cops who suspected it to be a ritualistic killing. “He thought Allah would be pleased with the sacrifice during Ramzan if it were someone who he holds most dear to his heart. And for him it was his younger daughter Rizwana,” a police officer was quoted as saying by DNA.


Qureshi’s wife got up at around 2:30 am and found that Rizwana was not around. She then went downstairs to look for her and found her lying in a pool of blood with throat slit. The police reached the spot at 3 in the morning after which the family members and the uncle’s kin were interrogated on Friday and Saturday by the cops.

Source: HT

After getting grilled during the investigation the man confessed to his crime and also said that at the moment Satan had taken over him. The pathetic excuses being made by the man make us wonder how people can get blinded by the faith so much that they don’t hesitate before committing such heinous crimes.

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