Three people died in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, due to an accident on Tuesday who could have been saved if the onlookers would have been of some help instead of making videos and clicking selfies at the scene.
Identified as Parmanand (27), Gemaram (30) and Chandaram (30), riding a motorcycle were hit by a school bus around 2 pm near Chautahan.


While Parmanand passed away on the spot, Gemaram and Chandaram were injured lying in a pool of blood asking people for help. Instead of calling the ambulance and being of any aid, the onlookers were busy in recording the entire accident and clicking pictures.
A 1.43-minute selfie-video has gone viral where a victim is seen lying in a pool of blood, in pain where the onlooker is seen recording the video.
The police arrived at the incident and it was too late for the injured, wherein they died on their way to the hospital. The Police said the deaths could have been prevented if they would have received medical assistance on time.

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“They lied unattended for nearly half-an-hour. One died on the spot, another in a hospital and third on way to Jodhpur from Barmer,” SHO, Chohtan police station, Manohar told PTI.
“It was against humanity. Those who were present should have helped them but instead of this one of them was busy with a selfie-video,” he added.
He also said the onlooker who clicked the selfie-video with the victim has not been identified yet.
Chandaram left behind his parents, wife and a five-month-old daughter while Gemraram his wife and a two-year-old son.

Representational Image/SourceWhile the onlookers were busy recording and clicking selfies at the scene, someone else was battling with life and death. What’s more terrifying is that even with so much blood and a person dead on the road with others writhing in pain shouting for help, no one from the crowd stood up except for an old man, who couldn’t do anything but asking others to call for help. This is inhuman and because of their irresponsible actions, two people who could have been saved and gone back to their families died.
This is not who we are, and definitely not how we should behave. We should be responsible enough towards our life and towards others as well. It’s just one life and we can’t let it slip off from our hands ’cause of an irresponsible behaviour and we should definitely not be the reason for someone else’s death.

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