Rajasthan: Two Influential youths rape a 19-year-old repeatedly for four years. None arrested.

As if once the trauma isn’t enough, a shocking incident has come light where a 19-year-old girl was raped for over four years by two influential youths threatening to leak the video of them raping her if she dared open her mouth.

The teenage survivor, who is a resident of the district’s Jharno-ki-Sarai village, in her complaint registered at Pratapnagar police station, has stated that one of the accused is her acquaintance.

She said one Hemendra Salvi aka Gattu of Bhuvana, became friends with her four years back when she stayed at her grandmother’s residence in Khempura. He then exploited her trust to sexually assaulted her after taking her to a room in Hiran Magri area. He also filmed a video of the heinous act and shared it with his friend named Anil Salvi, a resident of Sundarwas.

Using the video, the two then blackmailed her into having physical relations with them for over four years, she said, adding that her family members were oblivious to her plight as she didn’t reveal anything fearing that the accused would circulate the video on social media platforms using their clout.

Rapes have been on the rise in India: source

The victim’s family members finally came to know about the inhuman trauma she had been subject to for the past four years after Gattu barged into her house and brutally assaulted her, leaving her unconscious on September 26th. She was alone in the house at that time as her parents had gone to Pali. Later, when her parents returned, they pressed her for the truth which was when she revealed her tribulations.

The survivor further stated she and her parents have shifted to a relative’s house scared for their lives as the two accused are “influential” and they are giving death threats to them.

No arrests have been made in the case so far. Meanwhile, the Rajasthan Director General of Police (DGP) Bhupendra Yadav has stirred a controversy by blaming the ‘internet and curiosity’ in youths for the rising rape cases in the country as reported by Times Now. When asked for his opinion, Yadav said,” “I have observed an increase in the number of rape cases in North India. There are special reasons behind it such as a rising population of the young generation, unemployment, and imitating pornographic activities available on the internet.” He also claimed that since the law does not permit individuals below 18 years to have a physical relationship, it, therefore, invokes curiosity among the youth and thus resulting in rapes.

As per the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, Rajasthan ranks first among the States with the highest number of recorded rape cases. In 2019 alone, the State witnessed a total of 5,997 cases. Rajasthan has seen a consistent rise in rape cases, with the State recording 3,305 cases in 2017 and 4,335 cases in 2018. The rate of increase in rape cases between 2018 and 2019 has almost doubled to 4.2%, up from 2.4% between 2017 and 2018. At the same time, Jaipur has garnered the second spot in the list of most unsafe cities for women in India with 517 rape cases is 2019 alone.

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