This article might leave you shocked, but if you want to know what sort of a world you live in, then dear reader, this article is a must-read.

The news hails from Rajkot. Sandeep Nathwani, Assistant professor, Mody college of pharmacy allegedly threw his mother off the terrace and escaped the crime scene till he was informed by the local guard of his mother’s ‘accident’. You can see the footage that’ll leave you teary-eyed.

The sick old lady captured in the CCTV is Jayshree Ben, who’s mother to 2 daughters, one of whom is married and a son, Sandeep. She had been suffering from a brain haemorrhage and hence needed care and support even to use the toilet. Wedding of her other daughter and her illness had piled up the son’s anger and dissatisfaction that led to this lethal consequence.

The son says he had taken his mother to terrace because she wanted to offer some prayers and had come back to his apartment to fetch some water to serve his mother’s purpose.Earlier, he too claimed his innocence and non-involvement in his mother’s death. Rather, he blamed his mother’s psychological illness. Yet, he suspiciously complained of chest pain during interrogation and has been admitted to hospital.

Even police had initially filed a case of ‘accidental death’. But with due course of investigations Sandeep’s guilt was proved and all thanks to Cctv footage. As of now, Sandeep has confessed that AGITATED WITH HIS MOTHER’S HEALTH ISSUES, HE TOOK THE DRASTIC STEP.

She could not walk properly, needed support even to go to the washroom. This raised our suspicion towards the incident after which we examined various footages from different CCTV cameras of the building,” Karan Singh Vaghela, DCP Rajkot was quoted saying by Zee News. He too confirms Sandeep’s arrest once he’s discharged.

Today, in face of a helpless sick woman died humanity, died divine kinship a mother and child share together, died faith, love and compassion. We still can’t believe one can kill his own mother so cruelly to get rid of her responsibilities. She could instead be sent to some old age home. But again, why would anyone spend on old parents? They’re unproductive people, ain’t they? Is it really so easy to forget all those sleepless nights she had spent beside our beds when we used to fall ill during our childhood? Sandeep might be arrested and penalised. But would that do the justice to the mother’s soul? Well, we doubt!

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