In the recent times, a lot of heinous crimes committed in schools have been reported which raises the question whether now even our schools are safe or not? Children spend a considerable amount of time of their lives in a school for around 10-12 years. And even if these schools couldn’t guarantee their protection from sexual abuses or corporal punishments, where will they go?

According to a Mirror now report, a minor girl who was a student of class XII was allegedly gang-raped for a few months.The young girl was a student of Janta Bal Niketan School in the Ajeetgarh area of Sikar. Over last few months, she was being constantly raped by the school’s owner Jagdish and a teacher Jagat Singh.


After the girl got pregnant the rapist teachers tried to get her an abortion in a town hospital nearby. But, due to the botched abortion, the girl began to bleed heavily when she returned to the home.The tensed parents then rushed her to a hospital in Ajeetgarh where it was revealed by the doctors that she has been raped and an abortion was done.

The girl is now in a critical condition and has been referred to a hospital in Jaipur.A FIR has been filed against both the school director and the teacher, who have been on the run since the botched abortion.

We really wonder about the mentality of these rapists who treat women like toys meant for sex with or without their consent.We hope the culprits are nabbed soon and the girl recovers from the trauma both physically as well mentally.

h/t : Mirror Now

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