Mother Teresa had started charity missionaries in Kolkata in 1950 and gradually, its branches were established in several other Indian cities. The Nobel laureate had an aim that these missionaries shall work towards the welfare of the ‘poorest of the poor’ and recently, she was declared a ‘saint’ posthumously.

Now, a case has surfaced from Ranchi that has brought shame to this charity initiatives. In a charity home for unwed mothers situated at Ranchi, a nun named Anima Indwar and another staff have been arrested based upon a complaint lodged by a couple.


As per the complaint, a baby was born to one of the inmates of the charity home on May 1 and at the payment of Rs 1.2 lakhs, the baby was handed over to the couple in context on May 14. On July 1, the couple was asked to visit the home for some leftover formality by Anima. On arriving at the charity home, Anima took away the baby and didn’t return the money. Well, not just this one, but three more complaints are under investigation.


Spokeswoman Sunita Kumar said the Missionaries of Charity was investigating. “There was no question of selling any child as the Missionaries of Charity had stopped giving children for adoption three years ago,” she said. She said the charity had never taken money from parents while arranging adoptions in the past.

“We are shocked at such news, which totally goes against the value and ethics espoused by the Missionaries of Charity (MIC), the nuns and its founder. The MIC is looking into the allegations against the accused employees in Jharkhand with all seriousness,” she was quoted by NDTV.

Police officer Kumar said Rs 100,000 was recovered from the two who were arrested.

As of the current status of the child is concerned, Rupa Verma, chairperson of an organization run by the state government for children’s welfare, said Indwar took the child away when the couple arrived. According to a report by PTI, the state-run organization later took custody of the boy.

Well, yet again we failed as a society to safeguard the interest of our children.

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