India is already raging over the recent horrific rape and murder cases. And one thing which has caught the attention of the nation in both Hyderabad as well as Unnao rape case is police apathy. In both the cases family of the rape survivors have accused the police of showing negligence in taking immediate action or registering the FIR.

Not even a day has gone since the Unnao rape survivor who was burnt alive, passed away after fighting for justice, and already one more woman from Unnao has come forward complaining about Police apathy in registering her complaint.

As per media report, a woman in Sindupur village in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh alleged on Saturday that the police refused to file her complaint after some men had attempted to rape her.

She has alleged that the police have asked her to come with her complaint after the rape has happened. Identifying the accused as Ram Milan, Guddu, Ram Babu, she told that she has been doing rounds of Unnao and Bihar Police Station last 3 months but no one has registered her complaint.

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“I was going to take my medicines. They [the three men she has named] stopped me and started pulling my clothes. They also attempted to rape me,” the woman told India Today TV.

“Kehte hain ki balatkaar karne ka prayaas kiya hai, hua toh nahi hai. Jab balatkaar kar denge phir nyay milega toh kya hi nyay milega [They tell me the men have attempted to rape me, they haven’t raped me yet. If I get justice after rape, what justice would I get]” she said.

She alleged that the three men, who have attempted to rape her, have been threatening to kill her as well. “They come to my house every day and threaten us against filing a complaint,” the woman said.

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She also said that the cops have expressed an inability in taking action and are asking her to report to Bihar Police station and the same pattern is going on for the last 3 months.

If the allegations of the woman are considered true, apart from the criminals, this is the same attitude of the police all over the country which leaves women vulnerable. This apathy is the reason that many of the cases of sexual abuse go unregistered in the country. We hope our police forces will learn how not to react when it comes to cases related to women’s safety, as taking action when the victim is either dead or has been raped doesn’t serve the purpose.

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