How hard would it have been to sustain herself for 16 years after her self-esteem would have been reputedly shattered by her own father, being first raped at the age of 10? It was finally on Thursday when the deaf-dumb gave all her hopes up and chose to taste death than being an object of pleasure for her father. But cheers to the Purohit couple who saved a life after the combined efforts of 14 hours.

Monica and Gyanendra Purohit, counselors and sign language experts work with the Indore police. It all began on 13th March at 10 pm when they received a video call from a deaf and dumb from Rajasthan seeking their help.


“She told me that she was raped by her father for 16 years before being forcibly married off. She was raped for the first time when she was only 10,” said Purohit to the Times of India. Later for the next few days, they counseled her.

Later on Thursday, at 9 pm, they received a video call from the girl while she stood on the bed with the noose tied around her neck, all set to give her life up. She conveyed through signs that she has decided to suicide as the counselors did not provide immediate help to her which came as a huge shock to the duo.

“I saw her standing on the bed with a dupatta around her neck. It was tied to the ceiling fan. She kept conveying that she was going to commit suicide since we had not provided immediate help to her. I was shocked but kept communicating,” reportedly said, Purohit.

Both of them talked to her all night, convincing in every possible manner they could and meanwhile also seeking help from the deaf and dumb around the globe asking to call her, to make her realize that a huge battalion stands beside her to help her out. Indore police coordinated with the Rajasthan authorities but to a shock and despair, they did not take the matter seriously. “She got calls from different people who reassured her and promised help and justice, but she never untied the noose,” said Purohit.

high contrast image of a hangman’s noose

It was finally at 11.30 am next day when Indore police slammed her door and rescued her, still her neck in the loop. If it would have been a second later, she would have probably lost her breathes then.

CThe girl has been rescued and sent to women shelter but it would be really tough to erase 16 years of life and move ahead. Her story not only breaks our heart but also makes us question that does humanity really exist today? But then, the latter half surely makes us smile with the fact that if one falls then two rises to make you believe in the power of benevolence again.


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