Acid attack is one of the worst forms of crime that someone can do. The most notable effect of an acid attack is the lifelong bodily disfigurement along with the scars caused by burning of the skin. Acid attack victims also face anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and increased self-consciousness, both in general and in the social sphere. Some victims are never able to recover from it.

However, Resham Khan is one of the lucky ones and is giving hope to fellow victims and the world with her post recovery pics. On June 21, Resham Khan, a business management student, was attacked with sulphuric acid on her 21st birthday while she was on a morning drive in London with her 37-year-old cousin Jameel Mukhtar.

According to Resham’s blog, they were waiting at the traffic light when the attacker threw acid at them from the window. The attacker, John Tomlin, has since been arrested.

“I saw my clothes burning right in front of me,” She wrote.“They ran out of the car, stripped off on the motorway, ran around flagging people down pleading for water naked. They ran through the hospital naked screaming,” Khan’s classmate, Daniel Mann, wrote on the Go Fund Me website to raise money for her treatment.

She had earlier shared pics which showed the pain she was going through both physically and mentally.

Now after a long and tiresome process, Resham has recovered enough and she has tweeted some of her pictures with a positive caption.She is receiving love from people on her Twitter handle.

“If everything happens for a reason, then surely one of the reasons this happened to me was so that I could take this opportunity to make sure something positive came from such a traumatic and vicious attack,” she wrote in her blog

Resham is one of the few survivors who could recover so beautifully from the devastating situation. We pray for survivors like Resham all over the world who are recovering or facing the aftermath of these inhumane attacks.

All image: Twitter

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